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Jared Leto is an angsty yakuza in this trailer for Netflix's The Outsider

Jared Leto rarely seems to have a lot of fun in his acting roles, with his annoying excitable Joker being a rare exception among roles Blade Runner 2049's creepy tech genius or Fight Club’s very serious pretty boy, and this trailer for Netflix’s The Outsider looks like another Jared Leto movie where he’s playing a tortured soul with a dramatic propensity for violence. The clip doesn’t have a ton of plot details beyond Jared Leto aspiring to join the yakuza and beating a mustache man to death with a typewriter, but the YouTube description explains that Leto is an American soldier who was imprisoned in post-war Japan and joins the yakuza to pay them back for freeing him.

The Outsider was directed by Martin Zandvliet, and it’ll premiere on Netflix on March 9.


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