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Jennifer Lawrence in talks for new Darren Aronofsky film, drops out of The Rosie Project

Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence is in the news today, which means a lot of people are looking for news stories about Jennifer Lawrence here on the internet. That means a lot of those people are clicking on news stories about Jennifer Lawrence, which means the good people at the Taboola sponsored link company are getting a lot of eyes on their advertisements from people who are trying to read about Jennifer Lawrence, so it would probably be a good idea for us to talk about Jennifer Lawrence as much as we can.

On a related note, then, Deadline is reporting that Lawrence has dropped out of Richard Linklater’s The Rosie Project. The film is about a scientist who comes up with a survey “to find a perfect mate,” but his plans fall apart when he meets Rosie (formerly Lawrence), a woman who he has strong feelings for even though doesn’t meet any of his criteria. We don’t know why Lawrence has decided to back out of The Rosie Project, but Deadline suggests the usual “scheduling conflicts” are to blame.

In other Jennifer Lawrence news, Variety says she’s in talks to star in the next film from Darren Aronofsky. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about that project other than that it’s currently “untitled” and that it will be “indie,” but that’s not going to stop us from talking about Jennifer Lawrence some more. Speaking of, have you clicked the Jennifer Lawrence tag at the end of this article so you can read more things about Jennifer Lawrence? How about that Amazon box? You can probably get a hot deal on a DVD copy of Winter’s Bone from it. Anyway, we’ve basically said all we can say about Jennifer Lawrence for one day, but we’ll at least repeat her name again in case it helps with search engine optimization. Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence? Jennifer Lawrence!


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