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Jordan Peele's impersonation of Chance the Rapper watching Get Out is priceless

Screenshot: Universal Pictures/YouTube

There’s probably nothing more nerve-racking for a horror director than seeing an audience watch their movie, since you’re looking for visceral reactions from them. Luckily, Jordan Peele hasn’t had such issues with his debut feature, Get Out, which has routinely made audiences shriek and holler with abandon. And last night the actor-turned-filmmaker took the stage at the AAFCA Awards to share some of his favorite in-theater reactions to the film.

While all of his stories were amusing, his rundown of Chance The Rapper’s reaction is a particular highlight. During a particularly grizzly moment of the climax, Chance and his crew apparently leapt from their seats with a cathartic “OOH!” and then, which Peele perfectly deadpans, they “stood for the rest of the film.” (There’s at least 10 more minutes after that moment, by the way.)


Watch Peele’s speech below.

Chano was a vocal fan of Get Out when it was released early last year, calling the film “INCREDIBLE” and the “BEST FILM ACROSS ANY GENRE IN A WHILE.”


So big of a fan was Chance that he bought out every showing of the film at a Southside Chicago theater on February 26 of last year and invited any and all curious viewers to enjoy it for free.


Getting nominated for Best Picture is cool and all, but detonating an audience in the way Get Out has is a reward unto itself.

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