As announced in a press release, YouTube’s premium streaming branch YouTube Red has acquired Bodied, a rap-battle satire from music video director Joseph Kahn. The movie was produced by Eminem, who has some experience with rap battle movies, and it’ll be previewed at Sundance this weekend before some sort of theatric release and then a premiere on YouTube Red at some point this year.


Bodied is about a white rap nerd writing a master’s thesis on the use of what he refers to as “the n-word,” and while—in the words of The A.V. Club’s own Ignatiy Vishnevetsky—he’s a “progressive, socially conscious, Bernie-Sanders-loving” guy, he also happens to have a superhuman talent for “hyper-specific racist and sexist insults.” Naturally, that makes him a rising star in the rap battle community, though Vishnevetsky noted in his Toronto International Film Festival review that it’s “bottomless appetite for potshots, wisecracks, and yowls of self-awareness comes at the expense of the narrative line.”