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Justin Roiland prank calls Joel Osteen's megachurch as drunk Rick

Joel Osteen is a grade-A piece of shit, a grinning huckster slinging snake oil in the name of god, and about as pure a manifestation of human evil as can be imagined. Justin Roiland, on the other hand, is a comic genius, author of two and a half seasons of sublime character-based comedy that cloaks itself as a gonzo sci-fi cartoon. These powers collide in the short prank call above, during which Roiland, gradually eases himself into character as a drunk, ready-to-spend Rick, after popping into H3H3productions to raise money for Houston’s reconstruction in the aftermath of Harvey. (Osteen, you will remember, refused to open his doors to displaced people following the tropical storm until he was shamed into doing so.) And while this operator probably doesn’t deserve to be made the punchline here—Osteen’s the weaselly bottom-feeder here, not his employees—there’s also got to be a guide somewhere around Joel Osteen’s prayer-line headquarters that advises against suddenly speaking in tongues, especially when talking to an unhinged, drunk scientist with $83,897 to spend.

Anyway, it was all for a good cause. You can contribute to relief funds here.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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