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Larry David put together a Curb Your Enthusiasm playlist for Spotify

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If one were trying to pinpoint the musical preferences of Larry David, one might assume it would be nothing more than a deafening chorus of groans. But fans of the show knows he has a soft spot for Wagner—one that got him into quite a bit of trouble in one memorable season-two episode—as well as numerous other classical composers.

Spotify has just released a Spotify playlist curated by David that features music from Curb Your Enthusiasm’s ninth season. Kicking it off, course, is Luciano Michelini’s “Frolic,” the jaunty theme that bookends each episode and also serves as a punctuation to the show’s best jokes. David initially heard it in a bank commercial years before and, once Curb rolled around, tasked his producer with tracking it down.

The 27-track playlist also includes works from the likes of George Gershwin, Andras Schiff, and Nino Rota. In the non-classical realm, you’ll find time-tested songs like Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and Sam Cooke’s “(What A) Wonderful World.”


Steve Rasch, the show’s music supervisor, told Variety that, despite the playlist’s thoroughly upbeat and pleasant selections, the songs “represent some pretty intense scenarios.” “There’s a lot of arguing and a lot of stress,” he continues. “The music functions like a laugh track. It’s a cue for the audience to view what’s happening through a comedian’s eyes. It’s a funny look at heavy topics. The music lightens the mood.”

It all comes back to Wagner, though. The playlist’s most appropriate track is the composer’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” a call to arms that may as well resound every time Larry launches into yet another passive aggressive confrontation.

Listen to it below:


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