Last May, Paul McCartney's divorce from Heather Mills showed early signs of being an amicable one. The two even put out an annoying joint press release that blamed everyone but themselves (but mostly the media) for their separation. Since then, however, they've done nothing but blame each other, and their contempt for one another seems to have exponentially increased with each passing day. Still, no specific allegations had been made in writing. Until yesterday, that is, when London's Evening Standard got their hands on court documents filed by Heather Mills, the sum of which make living with a billionaire ex-Beatle seem like a cartoonish nightmare, or Mills seem like an extravagant liar. Sometimes both. You can read excerpts of the documents here, but below you'll find a rundown of the allegations by the numbers: 1—Number of bottles of wine McCartney allegedly poured over Mills' head. 2—Number of times McCartney allegedly pushed Mills (once over a chair, once into a bath) 3—Number of times the phrase "crawl on her hands and knees"is invoked ("she was forced to crawl on her hands and knees up aeroplane steps because they were not wide enough to take her wheelchair," "Mills thereupon dragged herself upstairs, on her hands and knees and brought back down the pillows," and the instance that seems the most like it's used for dramatic effect, "That evening Mills realized the marriage had irretrievably broken down and left, crawling on her hands and knees while dragging her wheelchair, crutches and basic personal possessions to the car.") 2—Number of pet names McCartney had for Mills ("ungrateful bitch" and "nag") 1—Number of times McCartney allegedly choked Mills while high on weed 4—Number of things Mills wanted from McCartney that he refused to give her (an escort back to their hotel in Rome, a bigger office, a favor from Rupert Murdoch, and an antique bedpan) 2—Number of colorful quotes regarding breast-feeding that McCartney allegedly made (""they are my breasts," and "I don't want a mouthful of breast milk").