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Nothing will ever be the same after this illuminati Flickr account wakes your ass up

All photos: Flickr user New 1lluminati

Most of us drift through our lives, numb to truth, asleep on a lumpy mattress stuffed with lies. Not anymore. A collection of pictures from Flickr account “new 1lluminati” (they can’t find you if you replace the “i” with a “1”) is about to slap you back into consciousness.

Prepare to have your stupid idiot mind blown wide open.


Many, like the above, force you to work for the message. What could Elizabeth, posed with a globe covered in dollar signs and a conveniently located “Big Brother Is Watching You” poster, be up to in the harrowing Lizardbreath II? If Lost And Found is really meant to show the fabled Atlantis, why is it only 30 meters or so below the water’s surface? And where did that one Atlantean woman get those modern-looking swimsuit bottoms?


Don’t worry if these are too much to take in all at once. Many other pictures are refreshingly direct.


And, a personal favorite, Burning Bush Instucts The Primates [sic].


It’s breathtaking stuff—a new aesthetic that exists somewhere between Cool 3D World and Tool album covers, but with the level of biting commentary that would make Banksy blush.

If you’re ready to learn more, head over to the source of all these pictures, the official New Illuminati blogspot page. (And yes: It, too, looks great.) Be sure to set up multiple proxies first, though, lest you wake tonight to a trio of lizard men with mind erasers ready to steal your hard-earned knowledge.


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