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Oh no: They've moved past Nic Cage and are now digitally inserting Trump into videos

Well, this was inevitable.

AI-assisted faceswapping technology is all the rage amongst casual techies these days, having mirrored the general public’s hierarchy of obsession in its leap from porn to memes to, now, Donald Trump. It began by mapping women’s faces onto those of pornographic performers in snippets of explicit video. The advent of FakeApp, a user-friendly piece of software, then opened the door for wiseasses to insert bug-eyed man-beast Nic Cage into any number of movies not starring Nic Cage.


Now, in the first of what will no doubt be many, Trump’s face has been lifted and grafted for our amusement. Above, courtesy of Dhruv Maheshwari and Jonathan Dubin, see our president as The Office’s Michael Scott—perhaps the most harmless of his many relevant antecedents—spewing a feast of word salad that’s eerily similar to something you’d read in an unedited Trump interview.

The only remaining question is: How long until someone uses this to stage a particular, mythic tape involving our president?


[via Mashable]

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