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One of the most popular Frozen Tumblrs may be a low-key fetish account

Screenshot: Constable-Frozen

There’s a fine line between stanning—the act of obsessing over a particular celebrity or property—and fetishization—the act of sexualizing that thing. The advent of social media—especially Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr—has exposed more and more people to this approach to fandom, which often pretzels itself within so many deep references and inside jokes that it’s all but gobbledygook to the casual viewer. Know this, however—if something on one of these fan accounts is even remotely violent, sexual, or just eerily bizarre, one should probably proceed with caution.

Disney’s Frozen, in particular, has been subject to countless blogs, YouTube videos, and fan accounts that have taken some creepy liberties with the characters. Just ask rapper B.o.B., who spoke out against the proliferation of bizarrely violent “pregnant Elsa” YouTube videos. You’ll also find a pregnant Elsa in the world of bootleg Disney video games, but, please, just, like, don’t do that.


Typically, these curious pockets of fandom are relegated to the outer reaches of the internet. Some, however, traffic in such subtly strange imagery that the line has grown increasingly blurry. Take Constable-Frozen, the subject of a fascinating new article in New York, a Tumblr blog that specializes in Photoshopped images presented sans explanation of Frozen and numerous other animated properties.

Here’s one example, in which a tiny Elsa is banished to live (happily, apparently?) in a Pringles can before being fed a giant Pringle:

As New York’s Brian Feldman—and many others online—points out, the blog tipped its hand last week by going full-on bondage with some Disney heroines.


While some saw this as a betrayal of what they thought was an innocent fan blog, others asked how they didn’t already realize that the blog was extremely sexualized already.

As Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick pointed out on Twitter, much of the non-bondage obsession revolves around eating, which points to Constable-Frozen being an under-the-radar vore blog. Vore, if you’re blissfully unaware, points to an erotic desire to both consuming and being consumed.


There’s one post in particular, however, that has the web in a tizzy. It involves sweet, doofy snowman Olaf turning into an ice cream dispenser and dropping swirls of vanilla all over Anna and Elsa’s eager faces. See it below, preferably while after locking whatever ounce of innocence you still retain into a storage container, then retrieving it afterwards.


New York writer Brian Feldman eventually tracked down the mysterious creator behind the blog, a South Korean named Shin Chul who denies the blog has any fetish leanings. “I hate vore,” he says. That’s a normal response, yeah?

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