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Rainn Wilson Does Citric Acid On Television

Discovery Health Channel's You Swallowed What? aside, science on television usually vacillates somewhere between "duh," HBO's Autopsy, and CSI. Where are the Mr. Wizards and 3-2-1 Contacts of today?

In order to make the subject matter more interesting, a science program on television needs at least one of the following: an affable host (see: Mr. Wizard), a gross-out factor (see: The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off), or some of those kids with Progeria (See: every non-paternity-test-related episode of The Maury Povich Show, which technically isn't a science program, but should be studied by psychologists nonetheless).

With host Chris Hardwick and a segment about the often gross ingredients of everyday products, PBS's Wired Science has everything but the Progeria kids. And the clip below has an added bonus: The Office's Rainn Wilson tasting concentrated citric acid. Isn't it nice to see a celebrity, or "celebrity," ingesting white powder in the name of science, instead of in the name of VH1 Celebreality?

On an unrelated note: I know this post is short on the vitriol that you all know and love, but, believe it or not, sometimes I enjoy things. It's true!

Still, I do want to throw the hate-starved masses a bone. So, there's this:

You know those old anti-smoking PSAs that said whatever you do while pregnant, your baby also does? Well, apparently Christina Aguliera's unborn baby is already covered in self-tanner.

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If you put make-up, a wig, and a cropped leather jacket on a tangerine, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

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