Since you (apparently) have access to a computer, and you (probably) are able to read, by now you already know who won Top Chef 2. Food & accidentally revealed the winner in a profile on Monday, and then tried to cover it up by saying that they prepared articles on both finalists: one that reads like a decent, somewhat well-researched profile, and the other that reads like a hastily put together space-filler written after a long night of reading episode re-caps. But, honestly, does it matter if you know in advance who wins a Bravo reality show? Does anyone really care who wins? Is that why people watch? Because, for me, discovering who wins the big prize isn't even in the first tier of reasons of why I watch the show. For me, watching the season finales of the various Project Runways and Top Chefs is always like running full speed straight into a dead end. Everything builds and builds all season until it's a massive competition and people are cracking beautifully under the pressure, and then the judges showily announce a (usually fairly obvious) winner, and everything ends with a tiny blip–and then a few months later you can't even remember the name of the guy with the neck-tat who had a penchant for making clothes best-suited for punk-rock circus ringmasters. But that doesn't mean I won't be watching the season finale of Top Chef tonight. In fact, after watching this preview, I think there are more reasons than ever to watch. They are (in no particular order): 1. Tom Colicchio in a Hawaiian shirt. 2. Fan Favorite™ Sam (who I never liked) is back, and relegated to serving Marcel (who he never liked). 3. Counting Fan Favorite™ Sam's many silver and leather bracelets. 4. The possiblity of hearing Padma again take ten minutes to say a one-syllable word: Poi. Or as she says it: Pooooiii. 5. The sure-to-be fascinating discussion amongst the judges as to who embodies the (completely insignificant to anyone outside of Bravo) title of "Top Chef" more. 6. Directing hatred towards Betty, who for some reason is back to reprise her role as World's Oldest Woman In Pigtails. 7. Tom Colicchio's barely contained exasperation. 8. Cooking! Outside! In Hawaii! With Michael the frat boy! 9. And, as always, pictures of pretty, pretty food.