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Ryan Reynolds is…Detective Pikachu

(Photos: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

We can now add “Sherlock Holmes-themed lightning rodent” to Ryan Reynolds’ list of celebrated roles, right alongside Green Lantern, Deadpool, and that guy who got buried in a box. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds has just signed on to star as the title character in Detective Pikachu, the upcoming live-action-plus-CGI Pokémon movie, where he’ll lend his considerable cachet to the role of a giant yellow mouse who helps his child assistant solve crimes.

This is the trailer for the original Detective Pikachu game, with Toru Okawa in the deep-voiced title role.

The film—based off a Japan-only installment in the Pokémon video game franchise—is being directed by Goosebumps’ Rob Letterman, and will, in case you missed it back in the first paragraph, feature Ryan Reynolds as a version of beloved kids’ character Pikachu, who wears a deerstalker and uses his heightened intellect to fight crime. (We know we already wrote that part; it just seems like something worth repeating, at least until it actually sinks in.)


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