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Star Trek: Discovery will launch in September

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite early indications that the show would premiere early this year, Star Trek: Discovery has remained docked for much of 2017, as producers and network executives worked to ensure its quality before launch. With the first trailer now out, though, CBS is ready to engage, as Deadline reports Discovery will hit the small and smaller screens on Sunday, September 24. The series premiere will be broadcast on CBS as well as made available on All Access, the eye network’s streaming platform and future home of the series. All Access subscribers will also be the envy of their nerdy friends, as the first two episodes will stream on the site on the day of the premiere.

After that, episodes will roll out digitally on Sundays, but only through early November—CBS has also announced plans to split the first season in two, with the first eight episodes running from September 24 through November 5, while the remaining five will be out beginning January 2018. The winter hiatus will reportedly be spent in post-production for the second half of the season. The after-show will presumably follow the same schedule, though there’s currently no word on whether Chris Hardwick will make the space jump from AMC to host.