Who’s your favorite Batman?

Besides Pattinson versus West versus Keaton, what about Jim Gordon in a mech suit or The Dark Knight who says “HH!”?

Who’s your favorite Batman?
From left: Photo: Hulton Archive (Getty Images), Screenshot: Adventures Of Batman And Robin Cartoon Maker, Image: Greg Capullo/DC Comics, Image: Screenshot: Batman: Arkham City, Photo: Sunset Boulevard / Contributor (Getty Images) Graphic: Natalie Peeples

After singing the praises of various Caped Crusaders and Gotham rogues throughout Batman Week, the latest AVQ&A asks: Who’s your favorite Batman?

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Jim Gordon
Image Greg Capullo/DC Comics

Much as I’d love to pick a stupid deep-cut like Captain Thug from , I’m not sure he even counts as “a Batman.” So, instead, I’ll go with that brief window in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run when Jim Gordon was Batman and had a mech suit, because that was cool as shit. Capullo and Snyder always had an excellent read on the Dark Knight, and that extended to his supporting cast as well. It was super fun to see Gordon put on the cowl (and MECH SUIT!) and take on a ridiculous costumed villain that was all his own. [Sam Barsanti]

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