In case you haven't noticed, entertainment is currently in the midst of a dance-olution. It's name? Dancing With The How She Move Step Up 2 Dancelife Stars

The latest TV show to take advantage of this trend is MTV's forthcoming Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew, a show that is kind of like American Idol, but for dancing. In other words, it's mediocrity warmed over, and set to pop n'lock.

I know what you're thinking: How can I be a part of this? After all, if dance movies have taught us anything it's that dance competitions lead to self-discovery, romance, showers of glitter, and the ability to dance-drive a dancecar made out of dancers.


Who wouldn't want to be judged by JC Chasez, or be a dance-cog in Randy Jackson's dance-machine for a shot at those things? So here's a guide to making your dance crew stand out:

1. Cultivate A Ridiculous Signature Look

Unfortunately, the "Everyone on our dance crew got a Rachel cut" look


the "we're all wearing bandanas–on our faces!" look

and the "LFO on rollerskates" look


are all taken. But there are still a lot of options out there. Just think of either a visually stunning anachronism, or two completely disparate elements that you could weave together into an eye-catching style. Maybe your crew could work the "Sequin Frankenstein" look, or the "Boyz II Men For the Oughts" look, or the "We're all wearing studded aprons" look. The choices are only as limited as your imagination and budget for matching bedazzled hoodies.

2. Come Up With A Memorable, Creatively-Spelled Name

Will the judges remember a crew named "Fish and Chicks"? Probably not. But they will never forget a group named "Fysh n Chicks." The same goes for "Jabbawockeez," and "Enigma Dance Cru."

Here are a few crew name suggestions: Kraft Mackaroni & Dance, Krazy Kickz Krewe, MovezQuest 3000, Randy Jackson Iz R God, Daaaaaaaance Trooooooooupe, and, George.

3. When All Else Fails, Start Posturing

They didn't put "The Streets" in Step Up 2: The Streets for nothing. Truly, nothing says "compelling, highly telegenic dance crew" like furious posturing.

Except, maybe matching blue track suits and bowler hats.