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The Director's Guild also really, really liked Curb Your Enthusiasm and Modern Family

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Wielding their awesome power like a comically oversized megaphone, the Director’s Guild of America have stretched their nominations for the year’s finest entertainment over several days, because directors despise editing things. Monday’s list of outstanding feature films has now been joined by nominations in the realm of television, which is always slightly less predictable—especially since it considers shows by individual episodes, which means series can receive multiple nominations if they’re worthy.


And in fact, that happened a few times this year, most notably in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Modern Family picking up two nods apiece, the latter giving Fred Savage his fourth DGA nomination. Of course, Fred Savage could have some competition in the star wattage department should he choose to attend the Jan. 28 ceremony, given that the Guild also chose to recognize the Lifetime movie Five, ostensibly as an excuse to get Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys in the room (even though they probably won’t be).

But really, the one to watch is the Dramatic Series competition, where the awesome finales for Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad will duke it out with the equally awesome pilots for Game Of Thrones and Homeland, plus the relatively-awesome-considering-how-far-it-fell premiere of The Killing. Anyway, here are the nominees, and you can check out the complete list here, which includes stuff like Outstanding Commercials and Children’s Programming that we don’t really care about, except to note that now Fred 2: Night Of The Living Fred can claim to be “DGA-nominated.”

Michael Cuesta, Homeland (“Pilot”)
Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad (“Face Off”)
Patty Jenkins, The Killing (“Pilot”)
Tim Van Patten, Game Of Thrones (“Winter Is Coming”)
Michael Waxman, Friday Night Lights (“Always”)

Fred Savage, Modern Family (“After The Fire”)
Don Scardino, 30 Rock (“Double-Edged Sword”)
Michael Spiller, Modern Family (“Express Christmas”)
David Steinberg, Curb Your Enthusiasm (“The Divorce”)
Robert B. Weide, Curb Your Enthusiasm, (“Palestinian Chicken”)

Louis J. Horvitz, The Kennedy Center Honors
Don Roy King, Saturday Night Live (“Justin Timberlake”)
Don Mischer, 83rd Annual Academy Awards
Chuck O’Neil, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Glenn Weiss, 65th Annual Tony Awards

Neil P. Degroot, The Biggest Loser
Eytan Keller, The Next Iron Chef
Brian Smith, Master Chef
J. Rupert Thompson, Fear Factor 2.0
Bertram Van Munster, The Amazing Race


Jeff Bleckner, Beyond The Blackboard
Jon Cassar, The Kennedys
Stephen Gyllenhaal, Girl Fight
Jennifer Aniston, Patty Jenkins, Alicia Keys, Demi Moore, Penelope Spheeris, Five
Michael Stevens, Thurgood