The Hunger Games may have the next several years all sewn up when it comes to stories of young girls caught up in fantastical circumstances and brooding love triangles. But Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer is not going gently into that saturated night: She’s still got plenty more where that came from with the Andrew Niccol-directed adaptation of The Host (no relation to the Korean horror film), which replaces vampires with slightly less lucrative aliens, yet ups the ante with a love quadrangle—this time between Saoirse Ronan and the alien entity that’s trying to control her body, and the respective boys each side of her split personality thinks is cute.

As if that’s not world-destroying enough, Ronan’s alien possession is all part of a global epidemic, with every human body on Earth having been usurped by invaders who have made the world far more peaceful and less hungry than it’s ever been before, yet they’ve also stolen everyone’s souls and given their eyes a creepy Photoshop filter, so it’s not totally a fair trade. Without the background of having read the book, this brief teaser probably won’t mean a lot to most people, but just know that, Hunger Games be damned, Stephenie Meyer still intends on mining some more teenager money.