There are many ways for a studio to promote a movie. They could plaster offensive posters everywhere, creating a swell of outrage and publicity. Or they could have one of their film's most irritating, Internet-savvy stars release an "exclusive clip" online, thereby agitating the youngsters into creating "buzz." But both of these promotions are flawed because they don't truly capture what it will be like for the audience to watch the actual film. Those Captivity posters may be disgusting, but looking at them won't inspire the kind of deep retching that watching the movie no doubt will. Similarly, that clip of Zach Braff may be incredibly annoying, but it doesn't compare to the level of annoyingness audiences of The Ex are sure to feel while watching Braff comically exert himself on screen for two hours. But every once and a while a movie promotion comes along that manages to give the audience an exact approximation of what they can expect from watching the movie. The trailer for Next is just such a promotion. Not only does it give you a precise idea of what watching this horrible movie will be like (i.e., slightly nauseating), but it also gives you a good idea of what it's like to be Nicholas Cage's clairvoyant character–because you have definitely seen this horrible movie before (you know, back when it was called Deja Vu and Premontion).