As everyone from the Today show to Aljazeera (Yep. That Aljazeera. Check it out here) is telling you, the Oscar nominations were announced today. Since someone you encounter will bring it up, here's a rundown of all the nominees, and their stats, as breathlessly reported by Entertainment Weekly. A few questions: Judi Dench has to receive at least one Oscar nomination a year, right? Is Jake Gyllenhaal only considered a "supporting actor" in Brokeback Mountain because he played a bottom? Who gets to perform "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" at the ceremony, Beyonce or Mariah? And Is acting really that hard? Really? Ok. Maybe that last one is just a delayed reaction to watching the "Doing Commercials Is Acting Too" montage during the SAG Awards on Sunday night. Did anyone see this? The guy who plays Grapes in the Fruit Of The Loom commercials waxed on about his craft, and some woman who does voiceovers talked about the nuances of talking about Propel Fitness Water. Then they showed thirty minutes of Shirley Temple clips, the cast of Desperate Housewives sat on each others laps to prove there's no in-fighting, and Heath Ledger gayed it up onstage.

Anyway, it was great to be reminded that, according to the Screen Actors Guild, these guys are on the same level as this guy. Good to know, right?