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There is no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed: Law & Order may get last-minute reprieve

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh for fuck’s sake: Law & Order may not be dead after all, if a last-minute deal with TNT goes through in the next couple of weeks. NBC is reportedly “crunching numbers” to reach a mutually agreeable license fee to allow TNT to pick up the show for a 21st season. While Variety characterizes the deal as a “long shot”—citing the expenses of Conan O’Brien’s new show for TBS and acquiring Southland as reasons why Turner execs may balk—it ominously warns us to “never underestimate the power of Dick Wolf,” who’s remained steadfast in his mission to kick Gunsmoke’s ass. And if the deal at TNT falls through, well, Wolf told the New York Times today that he was seeking “other offers.” How about we just check back in on this story in September and see if you guys have made up your minds then?