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This David Lynch La La Land parody is actually horrifying

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

David Lynch’s cinematic tricks can turn anything macabre. Just slap flickering lighting, melancholy synthesizers, and the purposefully vague musings of people lost in a dream together: The result is nowhere near the brilliance of a Lynch movie, but it will still at least be sort of creepy.

The lost starlets and damned company men of Los Angeles have been some of his most fertile inspirations, and so a Lynchian version of La La Land makes a clean fit. Damien Chazelle’s film has all the doomed romance, lurid coloring, and throwback style of a Lynch movie; why not add a bit of his style to it, too?

If that left you feeling like love and human interaction is a vast nightmare through which we can only fumble, hoping to avoid the inconceivable powers of evil all around us, well, shake it off with this charming 8-bit remake of La La Land, also produced by CineFix.

How many more remixes, mashups, and parodies can La La Land withstand? If it wins on Sunday—which we’re predicting—we should all brace for impact.