Remember back in the heady days of mid-January 2007 when the air was brisk, the world was blissfully ignorant of this thing called "Sanjaya," and I notified you each week that the new Tolerability Index was up? Well, even though you can't instantly un-know the name of the most divisive contestant on the nth season of a singing contest you've never watched, it should be slightly comforting to read the following words: The new Tolerability Index is up! Somebody get a down jacket cause it feels like mid-January 2007 in here! Sorry. Anyway, click here to view it, or, you know, scroll down like you learned to do back when I stopped giving you these Tolerability updates. So, why the return to form? Well, I just wanted to give all of you some added context about the laziest, most actively unfunny comedy coming out this summer: I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, a movie idea that sounds like it was stolen from a fake poster hanging on the wall of a set for a hilarious Mad TV sketch about Hollywood executives. The trailer is below. Enjoy, or rather, endure: