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Tom Morello, Scott Ian, and, uh, Brad Paisley got together to shred the Game Of Thrones theme

If you, like so many, lie awake at night dreaming that members of Rage Against The Machine, Anthrax, and Extreme would team up with Brad Paisley to turn the Game Of Thrones’ theme song into a butt-rock jam band song, well, buddy, today’s your lucky day.


Assembled for a video from Fender, an unlikely supergroup consisting of Rage’s Tom Morello, Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Exteme’s Nuno Bettencourt, and, yeah, Brad Paisley, write and play a version of the track alongside Thrones’ co-creator Dan Weiss and series composer Ramin Djawadi. The lineup came together to promote Fender’s Game Of Thrones custom guitar line, helpfully demonstrating a collection whose designs at long last let us know that Starks play Telecasters, Targaryens like Stratocasters, and Lannisters are drawn in feline solidarity to Jaguars.

The track’s not great, but, to be fair, it’s more of an excuse to get a bunch of musicians together to show off new guitars and jam out solos based on an extremely popular TV show theme than anything else. To that end, this distorted, harmonics-heavy version of the tune is mostly just a good way to hear famous people put a new spin on a familiar song and watch the mix of personalities on display when the guitarists come together.

To that end, it’s entertaining to see Morello, wearing a lovely antifa Moomin t-shirt, self-deprecate; Paisley coming in late to start noodling back and forth with Bettencourt like a pair of dogs assessing each others’ scent; and Djawadi and Weiss taking turns ripping solos based on a melody that must be burned eternally into their brains by now.

Watch it for yourself to hear the track and, as a bonus, know, forevermore, what Dan Weiss’ guitar face looks like.

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