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UPDATED: Marry Me, The Following, Constantine, and a bunch of other shows just got canceled

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Maybe now John Constantine can finally have a cigarette as Deadline reports that NBC has officially canceled his eponymous drama, a not entirely unexpected move after the network halted production of the show back in November. He’ll be joined outside the fictional-character unemployment office by Rainn Wilson’s cigar-chomping Detective Everett Backstrom, whose own freshman series just got the axe at Fox.

Those are just two in a slew of cancelations announced today, including: Fox’s The Following, which will not follow its third season with a fourth; Marry Me, which NBC cruelly led on by ordering additional episodes before pulling it from the schedule and dumping it, presumably in a text message; NBC’s State Of Affairs, which was apparently being watched by the CIA’s social-media manager and no one else; One Big Happy, NBC’s midseason sitcom whose creators are probably pretty sad right now; CBS’s Battle Creek, which, despite having Vince Gilligan’s name on it, failed to recapture that Breaking Bad magic; CBS’s The McCarthys, leaving a big, loud, Boston-shaped hole in fans’ hearts; and NBC’s About A Boy, which, I don’t know, just had its innocence shattered or something.


ABC also canceled a bunch of shows earlier today, including Cristela, The Taste, Forever, and Resurrection, giving the titles of the latter two programs a new, sadly ironic resonance.

These announcements come as the broadcast networks prepare for their upfront presentations next week; The A.V. Club will be bringing you all the news revealed at those presentations as it comes in, along with updates about all the other beleaguered shows that might get canceled later tonight and over the weekend.


UPDATE: CBS has thrown its Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott-starring cop show Stalker onto the funeral pyre, marking one less tough-as-nails female cop on the primetime beat.