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Well, this is brutal: Father of a murdered child has his own Parkland-based "stand-up set" for Louis CK

Here’s a cheerful note to end our week on: A new “stand-up set” from a man whose child was murdered last year, indirectly aimed at comedian Louis CK, whose recent comments about the victims of the Parkland school shooting managed to somehow only be, like, the third most awful thing he did or said last year.


The video—which features Manny Oliver, father of Joaquin Oliver, who was one of 17 kids who died at Parkland last February—was produced by ChangeTheRef.org, a group whose stated mission is to “raise awareness about mass shootings through strategic interventions that will reduce the influence of the NRA on the federal level.” It’s not clear if Oliver is actually delivering his increasingly heartbroken “jokes” to an audience, but the video is a gut-punch of uncompromising brutality either way. By the time you realize that the sole “rimshot” that underscores one of Oliver’s lines was taken from a video of his son messing around on his drum-set several years ago, the realization of just how much pain is packed into these few short minutes is borderline overwhelming.

Oh, and don’t read the comments on the video, which are decrying the group’s “censorship” of CK, even though Oliver isn’t calling for him to be silenced; he just thinks he’s an enormous piece of shit. (Never read the comments.)

Anyway, TGIF!