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Who Are Bob Dylan's Influences?

This week, a gallery in London opened an exhibition of 98 paintings by renowned visual artist Bob Dylan. Based on the painting below, and nothing else, here's a short list of who (or what) Bob Dylan's artistic influences clearly are:


—A 7th grader who just learned about Cezanne in Art class.

—That old man with the freakishly short legs, Cowboys blob-shirt, and penis head who hangs out at Ellis Island.

—The Behr custom paint counter at Home Depot. ("Can you color match my genius? It's cornflower blue.")

—This homeless schizophrenic guy in the park who is always shouting "Rape is not sex! Statue Of Liberty! Rape is not sex! Statue of Liberty!"

—Pretty much everything at The Museum Of Bad Stained Glass Windows in Rotterdam.

—Woody Guthrie, who also painted colorblob Statue Of Liberty portraits.


—Those elephants who paint with their trunks (Very inspirational story. If they can do it, why not Dylan?)

—Dylan's work for the imaginary "Rape Is Not Sex" foundation, which holds its annual meeting inside a kaleidoscope.

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