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According to a story from The Hollywood Reporter, ABC’s Signature Studios branch—which is focused on cable and streaming shows—is developing a TV adaptation of The Mighty Ducks. Original screenwriter Steven Brill apparently made some great pitch to ABC Signature Studios head Tracy Underwood, and he’s now writing a script for some kind of reboot/revival/adaptation. If that goes well, the studio will start looking for a network and a cast, and then we might be able to watch whatever this ends up being if that goes well.

In other words, this is all very early. THR doesn’t know if original film series star Emilio Estevez will be involved, since there’s no script yet, and no networks are even remotely attached for the same reason. It might even end up at Disney’s upcoming streaming service, but THR notes that possibility almost as an afterthought, which makes it seem like ABC is hoping for some other streamer or cable network to grab this delicious scrap of bread in its beak.


The original movie starred Estevez as a lawyer who has to coach a kids’ hockey team for community service, and it ended up making a ton of money, spawning a few sequels, and inspiring the name of a real-life professional hockey team. Even if this new TV show isn’t as successful, hopefully it at least brings back the always-appealing combination of teal and purple.

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