Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

In order to find the following political ad against Al Franken's senatorial run in Minnesota persuasive, you must agree with all of the following statements:

I respect the opinions of Robert "It must be weird, not having anybody come on you" Davi.

Stephen Baldwin is always just hanging out in a TV studio, listening to his ipod, because he's a really big important star, and that's what big important stars do.

Victoria Jackson's baby-voice thing isn't the least bit shrill and annoying.

I will listen to whatever shirtless Pat Boone says. If he's shirtless and in a pool holding a fishing rod, I will tell all of my friends to listen to him as well.

It's totally natural that Robert "It must be weird to have no one come on you" Davi is relaxing in front of a mixing board.

But the biggest conceit you must accept as fact in order to be persuaded by this ad is: Cliff from Cheers, Pat Boone, Stephen Baldwin, the guy from Showgirls, and that blonde woman who all but disappeared after her stint on SNL ended sixteen years ago somehow represent the Hollywood establishment.

Political ads: They're the new Celebrity Fit Club. Not many projects these days can attract such a strange coterie of has-beens, but such is the magnetic power of politics, always attracting failure. Al Franken may win or lose his senate bid, but thanks to this ad the real winners are the American people.

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