Tired of being just the hipster Gap, American Apparel has decided to branch out and become the hipster Party City. Their website is apparently offering some suggestions for a few film-and-tv-based Halloween costumes that you can put together using American Apparel clothes, like 80s Pop Star (aka Michael Jackson), Hollywood Blvd Streetwalker (aka Pretty Woman), and Mystery Solving Team (aka Scooby Doo).

But while dressing up like a hipster dressing up like a cartoon character is fun, a quick look around American Apparel's website reveals many other costume ideas that have nothing to do with famous TV or film characters. In fact, pretty much everything American Apparel sells could be a costume.

Here are a few American Apparel costume ideas:

The Velour Twins


Guy Who Is Suffocating The Lower Half Of His Body


Woman Who Fell Down And Landed In The 80s

Zebra Centaur Girl


Idiot (female)

Idiot (male)


George, You Know, That Gross Guy