It’s time to shed your references to whale vaginas and filling burritos like so much 1970s polyester: The first, full trailer for Anchorman: The Legend Continues is here, bringing the erstwhile Channel 4 gang into a new decade, new 1980s polyester, New York, and all-new scenes that promise to sustain the next generation of movie quoting. Owing to time constraints, not every single famous person in Hollywood can be featured in this preview, so you’ll still have to wait for the long-ago spoiled newsman melee to see them. However, we do get a glimpse of new additions Kristen Wiig awkwardly flirting with Steve Carell and Cyclops shooting his handsomeness beam, appearing alongside the reassembled News Team and a strangely marginalized Christina Applegate, who must be on vacation. And, of course, there’s Paul Rudd squatting in a pair of Jockeys, because this is the ’80s.