Animal Control (Promo) Premieres Thursday, February 16 on FOX

Like many first-season sitcoms, there is the sense that the show is holding back. This is a comedy where everyone looks like they’re having a fun time making it, even if the rhythms are a little off. Jokes, like the donuts being replaced with vegetables (“Revenge!”), feel like empty calories. Weirdly, the best part of this bit isn’t McHale’s unconvincing rage but rather Rowland earnestly enjoying jicama. The smaller moments almost always nourish. None of this is a dealbreaker. Animal Control is a perfectly enjoyable sitcom, one that is destined to improve the farther it gets into its run. One does wish to see the show off the leash, and maybe in season two it will be more willing to indulge its animal instincts.


Animal Control premieres on February 16 on Fox.