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Beware, fashion unbelievers: The RompHim 2.0 has arrived

(Photo: Tim Clayton-Corbis)

Here’s one for anybody whose objections to this summer’s Official Asinine Fashion Trend, the RompHim, extended only to its selection of prints and colors (and not, say, the entire existential concept of big-boy man pajamas as outerwear): ACED Design has announced that the RompHim 2.0 is now on its way.

This is per Mic, which talked to the incredibly earnest playware-for-bros designers, who laid out their goals and aspirations for the garment’s second iteration:

We always had our eyes on expanding the option set, so that everyone had a style they were super excited about rocking and felt like really fit their personal style. As we began working with new manufacturing partners, we also expanded our ability to develop custom prints and experiment with some variety in the detailing. We think that these six newest styles will bring in a whole new set of people interested in romping for the first time as summer ends and fall begins. As we’ve learned, RompHim season never ends.”


And while that last line sounds more like a threat than any kind of happy promise, fans of the RompHim look—who’ve apparently bought 4,500 of the things from the company, not counting various knock-offs—will be happy to learn they can now get their playpen-casual vibe on in an increased number of colors and patterns, including cactus:

Jungle print:


And black chambray, for your formal baby-bro outings:


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