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Broadchurch paints a devastating portrait of post-rape grief

Jodie Whittaker, Julie Hesmondhalgh (Photo: Colin Hutton/BBC America)
Jodie Whittaker, Julie Hesmondhalgh (Photo: Colin Hutton/BBC America)

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • Once again, Julie Hesmondhalgh is straight-up amazing as Trish. I too choked up as she walked the detectives and Beth through the crime scene. It was illuminating to see the party scene flashback, and to see what Trish was like before all of this happened to her. Like night and day.
  • I’m also impressed with how the episode ended, showing another rape victim and her reasons for not stepping forward when the incident first happened. Throughout this season, Broadchurch is handling this delicate subject matter with a lot of grace and sensitivity.
  • Just what we need: Another suspect. This one’s a convicted sex offender who seems exceptionally skeevy. I don’t even have a “shut up, Katie” this week because I felt so bad for her having to deal with this creep. I like his takedown by Miller and Hardy, though: “Quite the gallery you’ve got.” I’m sure many men have these kind of pinups up somewhere for “motivation,” but so far they’ve been displayed in Broadchurch in a really distasteful manner.
  • Also: “He certainly lived down to our expectations.”
  • Sorry, why would Ian’s girlfriend send an anonymous text to Trish telling her to shut up? Makes little sense.
  • “Juries get things wrong, don’t they.”
  • Man, every time Hardy tries to date it’s just beyond awkward. It was adorable when he ran into Miller afterward though, and she knew exactly what he was up to.
  • There are other wardrobe options than blue clothing, but you would never know it from these Broadchurch people.
  • It’s even more exciting watching Jodie Whittaker in this now that she’s the 13th Doctor, isn’t it? Beth’s dinner with Mark was very sweet, and really captured what the two had together, before it all fell apart. But Mark seems to be pulling further and further away on his Joe revenge quest.
  • Nothing like a community football game to see everyone’s alignments and resentments laid out there on the beach: Ed vs. Jim, Lucas/Clive vs. Michael, Ian + Leo. It was nice seeing ol’ Nige there though. And that blue twine appears to be everywhere.
  • Ed seems like he has a good heart and means well, but he is also entering the creep zone by sneaking up on Beth.
  • Who predicted that her best friend’s husband would be the one in Trish’s bed? Just like in Broadchurch season one, some people pick the worst time imaginable to be unfaithful.
  • Guiltiest suspect this week: The sex offender, just because I hate him.