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By the power of Grayskull, David S. Goyer has dropped out of Masters Of The Universe

(Photo: Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown)

According to Variety, director David S. Goyer has rejected the power of Castle Grayskull and dropped out of Sony’s Masters Of The Universe movie because of “other commitments.” Goyer was first attached to the movie in November of last year after he turned in a draft of the script that Sony was apparently very happy with, and the studio was just about to begin casting the film before Goyer announced that he was leaving. Now, with Masters Of The Universe already set for a December 18, 2019, release date, the studio has to scramble to find a new director—not to mention the trouble it might have finding someone buff enough to pull off He-Man’s mighty loincloth.

The movie will be based on Mattel’s classic toy line of the same name as well as the He-Man And The Master’s Of The Universe cartoon, both of which centered around muscly men with fun gimmicks (like a face that spins around to reveal many faces or an extendable neck) who battle against an evil skeleton named Skeletor. There’s also a big green tiger, a little wizard guy, and She-Ra, who is already getting her own reboot over on Netflix. (Variety doesn’t mention She-Ra, so it seems safe to assume that it will be totally unrelated to whatever happens with this movie.)


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