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Sony listlessly prods David S. Goyer in the direction of its He-Man reboot

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The rebooted Masters Of The Universe movie continues to be a thing that Sony thinks audiences will want to see, even as we wrack our brains trying to figure out which demographic—40-year-old toy collectors? Frank Langella fans hoping for a cameo? People who are way too into that “HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA” YouTube video and want to see what those characters will get up to next?—it could possibly hope to appeal to.

We can now add “diehard Blade: Trinity fans” to that list; according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has now approached The Dark Knight and Man Of Steel writer (and occasional vampire-dusting director) David S. Goyer to take over the film, which has been in discussions and script re-writes for the last decade or so. That’s roughly how long it’s been since Goyer sat in the director’s chair on a movie set; his last film was 2009's The Unborn. Since then, he’s mostly worked as a writer and producer in superhero fare, recently penning the screenplay for Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.


Goyer also wrote the most recent script for the Masters film, which has passed through a number of hands over the years as Hollywood’s combined literary talent tries to find a way to make “By the power of GREYSKULL!” sound a little less goofy coming out of actual human beings. Still, the writer-director carries a fair amount of clout in the industry; this might just be the infusion of energy that FrankWasTheBestSkeletor4295 has been waiting for all this time.

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