The latest prank show to spring fully-formed from the giant whoopee cushion in Ashton Kutcher's skull is E!'s Pop Fiction, though in true Kutcherian parlance it should be P' Fict'n. So who's gettin' punk'd this time? The media. Also the very gullible.

From USA Today:

Paris Hilton had an improbable dinner date in L.A. Saturday: a gray-haired, orange-robed "shaman" who blessed her and urged her to give a diamond necklace to a total stranger…

Turns out, as some outlets later discovered, the "mystic" was an actor named Maxie Santillan Jr., who has appeared on CSI and My Name Is Earl. And though some accused Hilton of getting Punk'd, the joke's on them: The entire scene was staged for a new show from Punk'd producer Ashton Kutcher premiering Sunday on E!.

Pop Fiction, an eight-episode series, is a prank show targeting paparazzi and gullible media outlets. It's made with the eager help of stars, who were the laughing stocks of Kutcher's former MTV show. This time the shoe's on the other foot, and the series has been kept so tightly under wraps that E!'s own website fell victim to the Hilton hoax and other planted stories that producers won't yet divulge.


So this photo was some kind of joke? I'll give you a moment to clear all the bits of brain off of your monitor following your mind explosion.

Is nothing sacred any more? Who can we trust in this world if not paparazzi and E! News? But, more importantly, which celebrity news stories has Ashton Kutcher cruelly planted for a gullible public to believe? Here are a few:

Ashton Kutcher's birthday party/hepatitis scare.


Ha ha ha! Turns out the only contagious disease guests were exposed to that night was regular, old, run-o-the-mill smallpox (Ashton had the bar make a special InfectedBlanketini for his birthday.) Take that, media!

Bruce Willis wears an NYPD hat.


Joke's on you, paparazzi. That hat isn't a hat at all: it's a hologram! You've been P'fict'n'd!



You thought that show was serious? Ashton, Wilmer Valderrama, some of their That 70s Show bros, and a few of Demi's kids' friends made it one weekend on a dare. God, NBC will air anything.

Nicole Richie's baby pictures in People.


Turns out, that "baby" is actually Marlon Wayans (Little Man 2: Are You My Momma? starring Nicole Richie will be out next year.) It's amazing what 10 hours of make-up and Ashton Kutcher can do.

The existence of Demi Moore.


This is Ashton's piece d' punk'd resistance. Demi Moore actually never existed. "She" was created by Jim Henson several decades ago as a sort of test-run muppet. When Ashton found out about it, he saw the perfect opportunity to punk the media, so he started "dating" the Moore muppet, eventually "marrying" it. When the original Moore muppet disintegrated two years ago, he fashioned a serviceable, very lifelike Demi Moore cardboard cut-out, and has been posing with it ever since.