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Drake would like to sell you his stink—in candle form

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Photo: Cole Burston (Getty Images)

It’s an old realtor trick: Right before you have someone tour a house , you make sure it smells like something comforting—fresh cookies, say, or the rich, musky stink of the mind behind “Hotline Bling.” Happily for the would-be homeseller, access to Drake’s particular nasal gasses (or a decent facsimile thereof) has just gotten a lot easier to secure, as the musical superstar/would-be Obama has just released his own line of candles, including one that, per the ad copy, “Actually smells like Drake.”


This is per Entertainment Weekly, which reports on the launch of Drake’s Better World Fragrance House, which has launched five (already sold out, so, sorry, perverts) candles for the discerning stench consumer, including the aforementioned “Carby Musk. Which, and we’re quoting here, because our brains haven’t huffed enough Drakefunk to make this up, promises that its Smooth musk fragrance is introspective as in an interpretation of your beautiful self, yet extrovertive as how you would want others to see your bold and brilliant self.” (“Why ‘carby’?” our minds insist on asking, skipping right past that particular bag of word salad. Does it smell a little bit like mashed potatoes and bread? But to question the mad stink-genius of Drake is folly.)

Sold through Revolve, the other four candles on offer are Sweeter Tings, “An addictive and nostalgic Oriental Gourmand fragrance with the subtleties of comfort and goodness”; Good Thoughts, “A bouquet of rich florals surrounded by a vibrant bright light of freshness for a captivating positive energy”; the enigmatic Muskoka; and, of course, Williamsburg Sleepover, named, presumably, after the finishing move of a Brooklyn-based professional wrestler from the late 1980s. (“He’s climbing the top rope! He’s putting on his interesting pants! Yes, I think he’s…Yes, it’s the Williamsburg Sleepover! Amazing! Someone should make a candle out of this!”)

Drake apparently began teasing the candle line back in June, because when the stinks are this good, the anticipation is half the battle.