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Dwayne Johnson's friendship with a gorilla is the best part of this Rampage trailer

The first trailer for Brad Peyton’s Rampage checked pretty much every box you need for a Brad Peyton movie (even if it didn’t include nearly as many people getting eaten as you’d expect from an adaptation of the old arcade game), but this new trailer isn’t quite as focused on dumb explosions and military-types yelling about dangerous big animals. Instead, it spends some more time on Dwayne Johnson’s relationship with his gorilla friend, which seems like it could be entertaining enough to carry a movie all on its own. People like The Rock when he’s punching stuff and using his mighty muscles, but people love The Rock when he’s putting on the charm and flashing that mighty smile. The faux-King Kong Vs. Godzilla sequence at the end of this trailer will put butts in the seats, but it’s not going to brighten your soul like Johnson hanging out with a computer-generated ape and cracking jokes about his coworkers will.


Anyway, Rampage will be in theaters on April 20.

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