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Elite returns for more sexy crime, less consequences in season 3 date reveal

Netflix has just announced the season three premiere date for its addicting Spanish teen drama Elite. On March 13, fans can enroll right back into Las Ecinas for another semester of lies, betrayal, and the always perplexing on-campus, post-P.E. sex. They may occasionally attend a class, but that’s not exactly guaranteed.


The brief announcement showcases the smolders of the returning cast as well as a few new faces, including Leïti Sène as Malick and Sergio Momo, who will play Yeray. It is unclear as to how they will insert themselves in the school’s perpetual drama, but the last crop of new students seemed to have little trouble wading through all of the mess—especially Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), who managed to convince the entire student body that she was a wealthy influencer and recovered a hidden murder weapon in her short time there. (Extracurricular activities are an important element of any successful educational experience.) Sadly, Miguel Herrán’s slick-mouthed, thoroughly enjoyable Christian is absent from the 36-second video. The actor has yet to confirm his exit from the international hit drama, so the door is still open for a triumphant return. The clip itself, however, leaves little room for much hope.

Speaking of gruesome murders: When we last left the haunted halls of Las Ecinas, the police where still one step further from solving Marina’s tragic death, thanks to Cayetana’s excellent underwater treasure hunting skills and her incessant need for cute boys to like her. This means fans will be subjected to at least one more season of Polo’s (Álvaro Rico) tortured tears and mounting guilt. We can hope that he’ll eventually feel guilty enough to just confess already, but who are we kidding?