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Earlier this month, Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White revealed that the sequel he had been teasing to his cult-classic blaxploitation parody was actually a totally new film called The Outlaw Johnny Black that would take the previous film’s goofy sensibilities and transplant them into a Western. The movie is still being crowd-funded, but White has now released a trailer for Outlaw Johnny Black that teases some great jokes while presenting it as a relatively straight-faced Western. In The Outlaw Johnny Black, White plays the eponymous outlaw as he’s forced to take the place of a preacher in order to escape a gang, but his lie becomes more complicated when he starts to make a connection with the people of his new home and when the real preacher shows up. The clip also has a bunch of great gags and one-liners, naturally, but we won’t spoil them here.

You can find the crowdfunding page for The Outlaw Johnny Black at this link.


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