Richard Linklater's movie adaptation Fast Food Nation is set to come out this summer. But McDonald's is ready. They're giving Ronald McDonald a makeover as the world's only clown/fast food shiller/personal trainer in a series of videos for kids.

From the press release:

Ronald McDonald® Stars in New DVD Series Aimed to Help Children Lead Happy, Active Lives by Promoting Physical Activity

BURBANK, CA (May 2, 2006) - Children will be entertained and inspired to achieve happy active lives as McDonald's and Warner Home Video (WHV) unveil two exciting live-action home entertainment specials, with McKids Adventures Volume 1: Get Up and Go with Ronald and McKids Adventures Volume 2: Treasure Hunt with Ronald.

The McKids Adventures DVD specials are part of McDonald's® active lifestyle campaign which promotes physical activity. In each DVD, Ronald McDonald leads a group of children through various adventures that entertain, engage and inspire while providing opportunities for singing and dancing along the way.


Singing wouldn't burn off a third of a Happy Meal. So how are they promoting physical activity exactly? Read on…

McKids Adventures Volume 1: Get Up and Go with Ronald features Ronald McDonald accompanied by a bright and enthusiastic group of children who create a world of entertaining, energetic lifestyles through a series of adventures, songs and journeys. Kids are engaged as they play in the park, on the soccer field and meet role models. The DVD is packed with original music videos which are sure to get kids up on their feet and participating in the fun!

Nothing makes kids want to exercise more than music videos, right? At least the kids in the video sound pretty healthy.