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Game Of Thrones season four trailer: Hear the cries of the not-yet-corpses

Last week at the TCAs, HBO announced the fourth season of Game Of Thrones would premiere on Sunday, April 6. And last night, while many eyes were focused on the Golden Globes, the network debuted the full-length trailer for the upcoming GOT season before the premiere of True Detective, featuring all your favorite citizens of Westeros who aren’t dead yet. Though last season’s Red Wedding landed a crushing blow against the Lannister’s opponents, here a short-haired Jaime cautions douche-king extraordinaire Joffrey that “the war’s not won.” And that’s not the only pithy proclamation laid out in just over 90 seconds of new footage.

Daenerys continues her conquest with growing dragons in the east, while Jorah warns “It’s tempting to see your enemies as evil, but there’s good and evil on both sides in every war ever fought.” Glimpses of Littlefinger and Melisandre certainly bear that out. Elsewhere, Tyrion walks around the castle in chains, musing, “If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place,” while Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch prepare for an impending battle with the Wildlings inside the Wall. Plus, all the excitement of Bran touching a tree and Arya holding a dagger. As the red priestess says, “There is only one hell: the one we live in now"— and for those not living in a fantasy realm, that means waiting three months until the start of the season.


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