(Photo: Getty Images, Carlos Alvarez)

Channing Tatum really wants to play moderately popular X-Men character Gambit for some reason, and Hollywood is going to do whatever it possibly can to make that happen. Doug Liman was attached to direct a solo Gambit movie for a while, but he dropped out over some issues he had with the script. Before that, Rupert Wyatt was also on board to direct, but he left because of ‚Äúscheduling conflicts.‚ÄĚ Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is in talks to take over for those two guys, with Tatum still set to star as Remy LeBeau himself.

Gambit was the coolest dude in comics for a very brief time in the ‚Äė90s, with fans really connecting with his thick N‚Äôawlins accent, trench coat, and ability to glowing playing cards. Tastes have changed over the years, though, and Gambit doesn‚Äôt have the same draw that he used to have. Perhaps Tatum and Verbinski will be able to change that and finally bring him back to the mainstream.