Written off as a Resident Evil knock-off, the admittedly difficult game brought Ash and a new fling back to the creaky cabin, where the Kandarian demons were once again summoned and all hell broke loose as per usual. But what was really gripping about the story was how the action pushed Ash out of the cabin’s claustrophobic confines and into the gloomy surrounding areas. Hillbillies, boy scouts, preachers, and woodsy terrors all wanted a piece of his soul, and it was this sort of sequential unknown, both in locales and in dangers, that made the experience rather harrowing and thrilling.


Right now, we know where things are heading: Shortly after Kelly reluctantly joins Ash and Pablo’s revenge quest/run from the law, the underwritten Amanda Fisher is seen arriving at Books From Beyond, where the ever elusive Lionel Hawkins conceivably dwells. What lies within is another mystery waiting to be decapitated on Ash Vs. Evil Dead, which brings us to our latest round of questions: Where the hell does Lucy Lawless factor into all of this? Will Fisher and Ash be adversaries or enemies? And might Pablo also experience loss? If this week’s any indication, we’ll get answers soon.

Catch ya on the flip-flop.

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