(Photo: Getty Images for The Weinstein Company, Rich Polk)

The Weinstein Company has been trying to figure out how it can distance itself from co-founder Harvey Weinstein ever since The New York Times reported on the decades of sexual harassment allegations that have been brought against him, first by forcing him out of the company and then by reportedly hiring an ad agency to come up with an entirely new name for the studio, but The Weinstein Company itself isn’t the only organization trying to sever all ties. According to Entertainment Weekly, publisher Hachette Book Group has shut down the Weinstein Books imprint, ending a deal that goes back to 2012.

In a brief statement, Hachette says that it has “terminated the Weinstein Books imprint, effective immediately,” and that books currently under that branding will be published by the Hachette Books imprint from now on. Also, it sounds like Weinstein Books employees will be moved over to Hachette Books.


Weinstein Books began as Miramax books in 2001, and in recent years it has published tie-in books for big Weinstein Company film projects as well as work from famous people.