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Hannibal Buress was apparently arrested because he kept asking a cop to call him an Uber

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Miami Herald is reporting that comedian Hannibal Buress got into an altercation with police in Miami last night, one that ended with him being forced into a police car and arrested for “disorderly intoxication.” (Or maybe “trespassing”—the cops seem to go back and forth a bit on what they’re actually charging the comic with.)

Video of the incident—in which Buress declares the officers questioning him “goofy,” and demands to know what he’s being detained for—popped up on the internet shortly after it occurred. The former Broad City star reportedly posted bail this morning.

Update: TMZ has gotten its hands on Buress’ arrest report, and it apparently states that the comic initially came into contact with the cops when he walked up to one and asked him—visibly drunk, according to the report— to call him an Uber. The officer refused, and things seemed to escalate from there.


Meanwhile, Buress apparently celebrated his release today by tweeting this clip from The Eric Andre Show: