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Based upon the theorem that Vikings + dragons = awesome, DreamWorks hopes How To Train Your Dragon 2's many more Vikings and dragons—all whirling through the sky like WWI combat aces—will be exponentially awesomer. The gang from the first movie is back and aged up into proper Viking Dragonriders. But Jay Baruchel's plucky Hiccup and his pal Toothless aren't content to stay put. On a Viking/dragon journey to a distant Viking/dragon land of pointy ice spires and massive armies, they encounter Cate Blanchett's mysterious dragon conservationist. (Of course, she is also a Viking.) And much like that other time Blanchett encouraged a younger, less powerful person to shape the fortunes of all, evil threats and savior tropes are soon as thick in the wind as the touching friendships and aerial acrobatics. The sequel premieres June 13, giving you plenty of time to perfect your Viking cosplay for DragonCon.


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