On Friday, New Line released a very short, very snake-filled trailer for Snakes On A Plane (watch it here), and it instantly had the Internets buzzing (as is their way).

The trailer had everything you could hope for in a

Snakes On A Plane trailer––Screaming, hissing, lots of smoke, Samuel L. Jackson shooting a snake in its face, a snake slithering out of an old lady's cleavage––but it was a little disappointing. Honestly, the hype on this movie has reached such a ridiculous level, that at this point any trailer (or movie, for that matter) would be disappointing. After Snakes On A Blog, Snakes On A Plane: The Comic, and Snakes On A Plane: The T-Shirt, not to mention this in-depth interview with a PA who was in charge of "guarding a parking lot" on the Snakes On A Plane set, I am officially sick of this movie. Or, As Samuel L. Jackson says (in his best Samuel L. Jackson voice) in the trailer, "Enough is enough. I've had it with these snakes." Snakes On A Plane, like the boogey man, Howie Mandel's movie career, and leprechauns (wait. scratch that last one), is something that is best imagined and not realized. After that trailer, it just seems like a bad movie. And not even a good bad movie. I wouldn't go see this movie ironically for all the ironic T-shirts in the world (no, not even for this one, and it's American Apparel). How does everyone else feel? Is there any way for Snakes On A Plane to live up to the hype? UPDATE: I might have been a little hasty. I just found out that Kenan Thompson is in this movie, so nevermind what I wrote about not seeing it. There's no way I'm missing Snakes On Kenan On A Plane.


This image is probably more satisfying than the movie's going to be, though.