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It's-a-him: Mario as you've never seen him before

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Most video game characters don't last that long. Hell, the entire industry is barely that old. Yet Mario and his long-jumping brother Luigi have persisted, and the Internet has allowed for these iconic plumbers to be reimagined, reinterpreted, and reinvigorated.

Today saw a slew of such videos, the most prominent being The Brothers Mario—an adaptation of Super Mario Bros. and all its characters were the game more like Grand Theft Auto. And let me tell you, if this game really existed, I wouldn't be wasting my time simply writing about it.

Throwback 8-bit videos are all the rage, and that extends to the Mario-verse (despite, you know, Mario originating in that world). A new clip has been cycling around, interpreting what Super Smash Bros. would be like on Game Boy in advance of a PC demo this Friday:

Of course, the most retro of throwbacks is to a time before the video game had even been invented, when the story of Mario was only a folk legend to be sung about: